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Webinar: Christmas Eve 2020
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
1:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern
Leader: Kelly Fitzgerald
As 2020 unfolds, we are re-imagining so many of our beloved rituals. Chances are good that at least some of your Christmas Eve traditions will be decidedly different this year. Join us as we consider how we can keep Christmas Eve both Sacred and Safe. We’ll also look at Advent and how we might support faith formation for all ages.
Rev. Kelly Fitzgerald is a PCUSA pastor known for creative and engaging ministry and worship with all ages.

Webinar: Caring for Families with Children with Disabilities
Thursday, October 1, 2020
7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern
Leader: Mindi Welton-Mitchell
While many families are struggling to maintain their lives and relationships right now, families with children with special needs have unique challenges and stresses. Join Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell, a pastor and mother of a special kid as she considers how faith communities can support families.
Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell is a pastor, author, speaker, and retreat leader. Ordained in the American Baptist Churches, USA and she is the pastor at Queen Anne Baptist Church in Seattle, WA. She is also the Ministry Associate for Social Media for the Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches, USA. She is married to Rev. J.C. Mitchell, and they have one child, a bright happy kiddo with autism. She writes liturgy and blogs at rev-o-lution.org Free Webinar :Art and the Incarnation:

How the Image of Christ Can Change Your Worldview
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern
Leader: Scott Bryte
The images of Christ we use often affect not only how we see Christ, but also how we see the world. This is a webinar not just for pastors and church professionals, but for people in the pews. If you’re interested in how art can change how you see Christ and your neighbor, this webinar is for you!
Rev. Scott Bryte is an artist and co-pastor of Berkeley Hills Lutheran Church (ELCA).

NEW Free Webinar: Christmas Pageants
Thursday, October 8, 2020
7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern
Leader -Debbie Kolacki and Karen Smith
Learn about different Christmas Pageants that are well suited for online, zoom, “covid-era” adaptations
Debbie Kolacki and Karen Smith are church educators and PRC consultants.


NEW Virtual Choir – Mixing Sound Using Band Lab
Wednesday, September 301:00-2:30 PM EDT
Leader: Stephen Rodes Chen

NEW Virtual Choir Webinars Wrap Up: Making Tech an Art Form
Friday, October 21:00-2:30 PM EDT
Leader: Dr. Marcia McFee
Now that you’ve learned the technical details of creating a virtual choir, learn how to make them a masterpiece! Marcia will talk about the artistry of the audio/video piece, as well as how it can be used in worship and online in powerful ways.

Virtual Choir Series – Recordings
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Virtual Choir – Creating Connection Through Song
Leader: Dr. Marcia McFee and Mark Miller

Virtual Choir – What do you need to get started
Leader: Stephen Rodes Chen
What You Need to Get Started Guide (slides)

Virtual Choir – Selecting Music and Preparing Lead Tracks
Leader: Chris Owen by Music Selection_Preparing Lead Tracks

Virtual Choir – Preparing Your Choir to Record
Leader: Stephen Rodes Chen
Preparing Your Choir Slides

Virtual Choir – Mixing Sound with Garage Band (Mac OS)
Leader: Beth Watson Mueller
Garageband virtual choir handout

Virtual Choir – Mixing Sound with Audacity
Leader: Chris Owenby

Virtual Choir – Video Editing with Movavi
Leader: Beth Watson Mueller

Virtual Choir – Soundtrap and Upbeat Music / Web Based Applications
Leader: Dr. Christen Blanton Mack

Virtual Choir – Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve
Leader: Chris Owenby

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