Dan Martian reflected on the recent trip he led to Israel and Palestine with free verse and pictures:

The Holy Land

It is everything that one can hope for
It is a trip of a lifetime, a trip to rekindle one’s spiritual life
For this is the land where Jesus walked, taught, and called his disciples
The land where God blessed us with God’s presence
A place where God is with us

Each step, each sight, each holy site
Proclaims the Glory of God
A God that came as a babe in Bethlehem
Ministered to people who were blind, lame, and captive to sin
The land where redemption became a reality
Touching the place where Jesus was born
Climbing the steps of Golgotha
Walking through the ruins of Megiddo
Seeing the remains of Masada
Floating in the Dead Sea
The tomb is empty at the Holy Sepulcher as well as the garden tomb

The Holy Land, the fifth Gospel
Where scriptures come alive
Where one walks the paths of Jesus
Experiencing the tranquility on the Sea of Galilee
Standing in silence where Jesus was held before meeting with Pontius Pilate
A land where three Abrahamic religions coexist

The Holy Land where one stands on Holy Ground

Temple Western Wall

People Praying at the Western Wall

Bethlehem Grotto – Traditional Birthplace of Jesus

Sunrise at Galilee

Dome of the Rock – view from the Mount of Olives

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Beatitudes

Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.”