News from Rev. Dr. Obiri Addo

God willing I will depart on July 20, 2020 to assume a full time position at Ashesi University as Associate Professor of Africana Studies effective August.

Ashesi (Akan term for “Beginning”) University was founded in 2002 by Patrick Awuah, a successful US Microsoft software engineer with the support of friends and colleagues from UC-Berkeley. His philosophy/motivation states, “People in positions of responsibility were neither fixing problems not creating solutions. If young Africans are to take charge of creating a thriving Africa–rather than perpetuation corruption and inefficiency–they will have to develop a new mindset, and new capabilities.”

Ethics, innovation and entrepreneurship are the hallmarks of the new “experiment” in global education–with over half of the students coming from African and other countries. In April this year it was adjudged as the Number One university in Ghana in terms of “Innovation and Impact Learning”, edging out the University of Ghana.

In my position I join a team of Ghanaian educators trained overseas who would lead in “African-based knowledge systems” as the institution develops core values in Liberal Arts education. I will teach courses I have developed and taught at Bates College, Lafayette College, Drew and Seton Hall.

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