General Assembly Day 5: Peace and Justice

During General Assembly opening worship $47,000 was collected to support The Bail Project’s mission to combat the mass incarceration epidemic by paying the bail of low-income, non-violent offenders who are languishing in our jail systems. Marching from the convention center to the courthouse, hundreds of Presbyterians participated in a demonstration of peace and justice for the citizens of St. Louis.

The Hands and Feet Initiative recognizes the impact thousands of Christians can have upon a city, so instead of simply going about our internal business, we need to engage and leave a positive impact on the places we gather. These are just first steps in continuing to fulfill our call to witness to God’s love in and for the world.

Newark marched:


And so many others:

We also reposted videos from the march on our Facebook page, shared from the Presbytery of Southern New England. New Jersey ended its cash bail system, but there are many other injustices happening in our local communities, and this action shows how together we can actually make real change happen.

General Assembly Day 5 Daily Digest