Text over a background of a hand holding a heart drawn graphic: Generosity as a Spiritual Practice Being welcoming, encouraging, appreciative, comforting, kind, and forgiving is psychospiritually tougher than dumping out-of-style clothing into a roadside collection bin. Desperately Seeking Spirituality: A Field Guide to Practice Meredith Gould

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Desperately Seeking Spirituality: A Field Guide to Practice

By Meredith Gould

DSSMeredith Gould, the author of church communications books The Social Media Gospel and The Word Made Fresh, wrote a more personal reflection on the practice of spirituality. Desperately Seeking Spirituality is a fresh and funny take on spiritual renewal. Whether you are hoping to add practices to enrich your spiritual life, or are feeling stuck in your current practices, Gould offers practical, warm and helpful guidance to explore and be renewed. You can purchase it in hard copy, or an e-book for Kindle.
Throughout the year, routines and rhythms are shifted as seasons change, and many of us will refocus on the rhythms of our spirituality as well. This book is a great resource for individuals and churches to take a new look at spiritual practices, whether new at them, or an old hand.