From Katherine Scott-Kirschner of the Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair, sharing about their recent confirmation retreat:

The Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair’s confirmation class recently went to Lake Mohawk for their spring time Confirmation Retreat. This sacred day is created to be a day set apart. Due to the busyness of our 8th grade confirmands, only half of the class could attend the Saturday retreat, but those who did thoroughly enjoy it.

The retreat’s theme was prayer. It has been the practice of the confirmation class to have this prayer retreat as a way to focus, learn, and practice various kinds of prayer practices. One of the highlights of the day are the prayer stations, where the confirmands spend an hour in silence going from one station to another. The completed, active stations are highlighted in these photos. There were also two stations that looked at the different ways to do the Examen.

Our two group photos were taken in front of the local ice cream stand during our lunch break. The group was delighted by the pizza lunch, ice cream selection, and sunny, warm weather.

We ended the retreat by lighting candles for the people God had placed on our hearts to pray for during our time together that beautiful Saturday.


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The confirmands!

Braided prayers station

Confession station

It was the perfect day for ice cream on one of our breaks.

We spent a lot of time learning about and practicing prayer.

As we closed, we lit candles for those we had been called to pray for during the retreat.