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Committee on Ministry
The COM is a unique team within the presbytery charged with stimulating, nurturing, and empowering the wellness and effectiveness of our pastors and congregations.

The COM’s oversight and resources through its Cluster Liaisons will help bring new, transformative, and transforming ministries within our bounds. The COM’s tasks and responsibilities, all of which are important and some of which can be quite difficult, should be upheld with prayer. As partners in ministry, COM members enter into relationships with an attitude of respect and appreciation for the congregations and individuals they encounter, and they maintain the highest standards of ethics. The COM will bring pastoral sensitivity, hopeful faith, and openness to the surprises of God’s transforming power at work for the sake of the whole church.

Committee on Ministry Forms and Resources:

Terms of Call
2018 Compensation Policy rev 1.10.18
2018 Terms of Call Form

Documents for Designated, Interim and Validated Ministry Positions
Designated Pastor Agreement Form
COM Designated Pastor Guidelines

Interim Ministry Agreement
We welcome the opportunity of learning about your ministry and it is your responsibility in filling out this form to describe the way in which the ministry you are performing fulfills all the criteria which have been set forth in the Form of Government:
Annual Non Parish Validated Ministry Report Form

Documents for Pastoral Dissolution
Pastor Dissolution Agreement
Statement Of Ethics When A Pastor Departs
Pastor Exit Interview
Ritual of Closure When A Pastor Departs

Pulpit Supply List

Committee on Ministry Meetings
The Committee on Ministry of Newark Presbytery meets on the second Thursday of each month from 3:30-5:30pm at the Presbytery Center.