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Focus on Leadership: Discipleship

Discipleship sounds so…tedious. When we think of discipleship,…
Text over a background of a hand holding a heart drawn graphic: Generosity as a Spiritual Practice Being welcoming, encouraging, appreciative, comforting, kind, and forgiving is psychospiritually tougher than dumping out-of-style clothing into a roadside collection bin. Desperately Seeking Spirituality: A Field Guide to Practice Meredith Gould

Focus on Resources: Spirituality

Desperately Seeking Spirituality: A Field Guide to Practice By…
tiny snail crawling on top of glass globe sitting in green grass

Stewardship of Creation

As we continue to think about stewardship, stewardship of creation…
child's hand holding colorful flowers through a wooden fence

Focus on Leadership: Generosity

For many of us in churches it is, or will be, stewardship season.…

Focus on Resources: Financial Stewardship

The Fall marks the kickoff not only of the typical school year…
"Welcome" written on a piece of fabric, attached to a stick at either end with the sticks in the ground to create a sign

Focus on Leadership: Hospitality

Many churches describe themselves as “Welcoming.” And for…