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Focus on Leadership: Peacemaking

The way of peace is not an easy one. As the Confession of 1967…
sun low in the sky, shining through tall wild grass

Focus on Resources: Sabbath Time

We are continuing with our Sabbath theme, as life continues to…
clear glass globe on a rock in front of a pier going out into an ocean, the pier and sky inverted in globe

Focus on Leadership: Doing a New Thing

Here in the United States, the season of Advent follows closely…
a cat and a dog laying on a cement wall facing each other

Focus on Leadership: Non-Anxious Presence

In a country riddled with anxiety (so much so that there is a…
4 flat oval-shaped stones sitting next to each other vertically on a piece of paper with feet and hands holding each other drawn in

Focus on Leadership: Compassion

If your church follows the Revised Common Lectionary for your…

Focus on Leadership: Discipleship

Discipleship sounds so…tedious. When we think of discipleship,…